Construction Update 2017

Scroll down to see the beginning construction of Phase 2.

Early image of construction on Phase2
Merner was onsite today to begin the excavating of the 2nd phase and it couldn’t be a better day to start. Here we can see a swath that has been constructed to locate where the services will be running from the end of the first Phase north to Paul Bunyan Rd.
Clearing some of the brush, where new homes will be built.
Here is Pat, Lindsay and Bill taking a close up view of the Excavating.
Here we see Lindsay, John & Bill all part of the Supervising Team

The Aspen Townhome

Meadow Townhome

The Birch Townhome

Columbine Townhome

The Cottonwood Townhome

Rosewood Townhome

The Maple Townhome

Trillium Townhome