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Questions you have asked . . .

About the Townhomes

Do the townhomes have crawl spaces?

Accessibility is an important theme in the design of Bayfield Mews and the standard units have a one floor open concept design without steps and stairs and a main floor laundry to ensure independent living for as long as possible. The townhomes are constructed on an insulated concrete slab and do not have a crawl space.

What type of heating and air-conditioning systems do the townhomes have?

The townhomes are heated with in-floor hydronic water system. Air conditioning is provided with a separate system.

What is the exterior of the townhomes constructed of?

The exteriors of the homes are designed to be low maintenance and consist of brick cladding and 40-year laminate shingles and pre-finished aluminum fascia and soffits.

What sound barriers exist between the walls of the townhomes?

The walls are constructed of a double wood stud wall with drywall and acoustical insulation to prevent noise from disturbing your neighbour. This construction exceeds Building Code standards.

What are the sizes of the private patios?

The patios are approximately 12 feet x 14 feet. The concrete patio can be extended for a separate cost.

Will barbecues be allowed?

Barbecues are permitted on private and communal patios.

Are pets allowed at Bayfield Mews?

Yes, pets are allowed at Bayfield Mews since all townhomes have direct access to the exterior.  All pets must be registered with the corporation. Owners are required to clean up after their pets and when walking they must be on a leash and registered with the municipality.

Are the bathrooms wheelchair accessible?

Although generously sized to allow for personal care, the standard bathroom design is not fully wheelchair accessible, however, all units are designed to allow for simple modifications to facilitate wheelchairs and can be individually modified or upgraded at the purchaser’s request and cost.

What is the thickness of the wall construction?

The exterior walls are constructed with 2" x 6" wood framing with brick cladding and the interior walls are 2" x 4" wood framing with drywall.

What is the R factor insulation in walls and ceiling?

The exterior walls have R25 insulation and the ceilings have R60 or better insulation. Exterior walls are constructed from the inside to outside with gypsum board, vapour barrier, 2" x 6" wood studs, R20 batt insulation, aspenite sheathing, 1 inch R5 foam board, Tyvek air barrier, 1" air space and brick.

What is standard trim material around doors and windows?

The trim in the units is paint grade wood or MDF and the trim and interior doors are typically painted white.

How high are the ceilings?

The floor to ceiling height is nine feet.

Life at the Mews

Can purchasers get access to the beach?

Yes. There are public access points along Tuyll Street to the west and off Crystal Lane in the southwest.

Is the garage heated?

The garage is not heated but in most cases the garage has 3 inside walls (except certain end units).

How does the cost of radiant heating compare with conventional forced air heating?

The cost depends on individual use but manufacturers claim the operating cost is up to 40% less than conventional alternatives.

Can I have my choice of Gas or Electric appliances?

Yes, gas stoves, dryers, and fireplaces can be installed.

Are the doors wide enough for wheelchairs?

Yes. All entry doors and interior doors are a minimum of 2'10" allowing for easy wheelchair access.

Are skylights permitted?

Skylights are not offered because of their long-term maintenance problems. We suggest the installation of a Light Tube that will provide natural light to internal rooms like the bathroom.

Are satellite TV dishes permitted?

Yes, satellite TV is an option. However, the homes are wired for fibre optic and CAT5 cables which will provide you with the ability to get the equivalent of satellite TV and high definition reception. We encourage you to explore this option.

Will garage doors have automatic openers?

Yes. The opener is part of the package.



Is There Mortgage Financing Available?

Bayfield Mews does not have a mortgage program directly with any bank or credit union. Purchasers wishing to seek mortgage financing should make their bank or credit union aware that Bayfield Mews is not a condominium.

Does the Monthly Occupancy Fee cover the insurance on the building?

Yes. You are responsible for contents insurance only. You should ask your insurance broker for a tenant’s insurance package and NOT a condo package.

If I am no longer able to occupy my unit am I assured of a buyer? Will Bayfield Mews buy it back at market value?

The Bayfield Mews will assist the occupants in any way possible to find a suitable purchaser for their life interest. Bayfield Mews has the first right of refusal to purchase your life interest, however, it does not guarantee a buyer nor is it obligated to purchase your unit back.  Past experience with Life Lease projects indicates that a waiting list will develop. Occupants wishing to sell may locate their own buyer or access names from this waiting list.

What percentage of the market price will I receive upon transfer of my lease?

You set the price for the resale of your unit. You receive 95% of the transfer price and Bayfield Mews receives 5%. This fee covers the costs to enter into a new lease with the new occupant and any potential repairs to the unit from normal wear and tear. The balance of the 5% is used by the corporation for on-going enhancements which help to increase the value of all the units.  The new occupant of course must be 55 years of age or older.



Who is responsible for repairing heating/cooling systems, filters, fans, etc.?

Bayfield Mews inspects and services all units on your behalf twice a year in the spring and fall. At that time filters are cleaned or replaced, alarm systems checked, outside water turned on or off and garage door operation checked. Replacement of any heating/cooling components is covered by the Replacement Reserve and are performed by Bayfield Mews.

Who is responsible for repairs within the suites?

Bayfield Mews is responsible for the repair and maintenance of those components which are common to the building (i.e. exterior doors, windows, heating and cooling systems, roofs, etc.). Occupants are responsible for all repairs and maintenance of their unit of typical day to day items such as light bulb replacement, damage to walls and flooring, etc. A Replacement Reserve has been established within the Monthly Occupancy Charge to cover the replacement of the major common building components.

Who is responsible for repairs to appliances?

Appliances belong to you. Each resident is responsible for repairs and maintenance associated with their own appliances.

Mews Management

Who enforces the rules at Bayfield Mews?

We like to think that the rules are common sense guideliens that will lead to good neighbour relations and maintain the property values for everyone. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to enforce the rules.

Are relatives/close friends be allowed to stay in my unit for short periods during my absence? For how long?

Yes, Bayfield Mews is your home and there are no restrictions to having guests visit or stay with you for short periods of time. However, for the security of all residents, guests are not permitted to stay in your unit during your absence without permission of the corporation.